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Greater assurance for you and your stakeholders

We stand for trust and assurance. As qualified, independent and reputable auditors, we conduct statutory, voluntary and special audits for our clients. Our auditors help you achieve your business objectives. Accurate figures, reliable data and a reputable auditor enhance credibility and trust among your banks and lenders. What is more, your annual accounts and consolidated financial statements are an indispensable control tool enabling successful business management. Lastly, independent and professional audits also give you the assurance of reliable company figures.

A question of trust for SMEs and major corporations

As auditors, KBHT determines in statutory and voluntary audits whether our clients’ financial statements and the accounting comply with the company agreement and articles of association and with the general legal framework. While a focus of our work is on providing audit services for small and medium-sized companies, we also conduct audits for major corporations.

As well as the above, KBHT has the necessary capacities and experience to perform special audits quickly and discreetly. If your company faces a particularly difficult situation, such as strained owner/management relations or suspicion of embezzlement, this enables us to help you effectively restore trust.

Our services:

  • Company audit
  • Compliance
  • Due diligence
  • Annual accounts in accordance with the German Commercial Code (HGB)
  • Consolidated financial statements in accordance with HGB and IFRS
  • Accounting
  • Quarterly accounts
  • Special audits
  • Process audits
  • Tax compliance systems



Michael Dust

Auditor, Tax Consultant, Partner

Location Düsseldorf / Neuss, Düren, Cologne / Leverkusen
+49 (0) 2131 / 9243 - 67

Michael Thelen

Auditor, Tax Consultant, Partner

Location Düsseldorf / Neuss, Cologne / Leverkusen
+49 (0) 2131 / 92 43 - 40