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Private individuals

Tax returns and wealth planning

For many people, preparing annual tax returns is a gruelling and stressful chore. If you don’t know what you are doing, it could easily turn into more than just a time-consuming nuisance, especially in light of the constantly changing rules and regulations. Inaccurate or incomplete data can also quickly become costly. Federal tax law generally allows deductions on your tax return for many items, such as church donations or daily work commutes of more than 12 km. In many cases, it therefore pays to seek professional help with filing your tax returns, especially if you own property or capital assets, are due to come into an inheritance, or you are a self-employed professional or business owner.

KBHT offers private individuals, including, in particular, landlords, capital investors, specialist and managerial staff, professional athletes, entrepreneurs/shareholders, self-employed professionals and freelancers, a broad range of professional consulting and other services. We take a holistic approach to serve both your private and business/professional needs: comprehensive tax advice, legal counselling on specific issues of business law, family law, inheritance law, tenancy law or labour law, and expert assistance with complex issues such as asset structuring, business succession or the purchase or sale of participations.

Each client is assigned a dedicated partner at KBHT who is responsible for providing personal, tailored advice. This is an essential basis on which we build and maintain strong and long-standing relationships with our clients.


Andreas Kratz

Tax Consultant, Partner

Location Cologne / Leverkusen
+49 (0) 214 / 87091 - 65

Bastian Berthold

Tax Consultant

Location Düsseldorf / Neuss
+49 (0) 2131 / 9243 - 36

Michael Kalus

Auditor, Tax Consultant, Partner

Location Düsseldorf / Neuss
+49 (0) 2131 / 9243 - 10

Frank Mengers

Tax Consultant, Partner

Location Cologne / Leverkusen
+49 (0) 214 / 87091 - 60