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About us

Quality Policy at KBHT

Our quality policy is a central element of our corporate culture and forms the basis for our daily actions and our economic success. It reflects our claim to deliver high-quality services that fully meet the needs of our clients. Our quality policy is shaped by our corporate mission and leadership guidelines, which guide our daily work and our quality management system (QMS).

The Company - The Team

Foresight. Forethought. Forefront.

Our QMS enables us to develop individual solutions that simultaneously meet our quality criteria. The individual peculiarities of our clients are documented to ensure the sustainable reliability of our work. We drive digitization forward to seize opportunities for our clients. We understand that digitization, individuality, and high process standards do not exclude each other but benefit from each other.

We are committed.

Our quality management system enables us to work sustainably and with high quality. We adhere to agreements and commitments and do everything possible to meet our clients' expectations.

We are a team. We are KBHT.

In the team, we communicate openly and effectively about quality standards and live these in our daily work. We acknowledge that each team member plays an important role in achieving our quality goals.

We advise personally.

Our QMS places great emphasis on client orientation. We understand the needs of our clients and offer personal advice and support to meet their concerns as best as possible.

We work smartly.

Our QMS creates a stable foundation for developing customized solutions. We use intelligent and efficient working methods to achieve the best results for our clients.

Our Target Clients.

Our QMS is aligned with the target clients and their needs. Our processes focus on our target group.

The Executives

The executives at KBHT have set themselves the goal of realizing the quality objectives and have established the following principles for themselves, which are an essential part of our quality policy:


At KBHT, our executives live the quality management. They are the driving force and set a positive example for all employees.


Our QMS forms the basis for ensuring quality for the executives. It provides clear guidelines and processes that our executives and employees can rely on to maintain high quality standards.


The quality management system supports our employees in handling their cases and helps them focus on the technical challenges.


Our processes were developed from the employee perspective. We actively seek feedback from our employees on processes and rely on modern participation formats in the further development of our processes.


With our QMS, we boldly face the challenges associated with a lived quality management. We pursue our quality management because we firmly believe that it improves the quality of our work and services.


At KBHT, we value continuous improvement. In our continuous improvement process, we continuously call for process improvements. We think not only short-term but also have long-term goals in mind to continuously increase our quality and best support our clients.

In our daily work at KBHT, we commit ourselves to live these principles and to improve them constantly. Our QMS is an important key factor for our company's success​​.