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Owner-managed SMEs

Value-adding advice for SMEs

Small and medium-sized enterprises are the driving force and backbone of the economy. But the complexity of tax legislation, with its many exemptions and special rules, throws up ever greater challenges for SMEs in particular. The frequency of legislative change, the widespread digitalisation and the growing globalisation of business activities require constant realignment if they want to ensure long-term growth. What is more, every owner-managed SME will sooner or later be faced with the issue of succession and its many pitfalls.

Personal advice backed by experience and know-how

In 1991, KBHT was founded with the mandate to provide consulting services with a focus on small and medium sized clients across a broad range of industries all over Germany – from independent professionals to major public companies. We offer SMEs a diverse range of services, including tax and legal consulting, accounting and payroll assistance, and international services. At KBHT, you will be partnered with one of our experts who will provide you with straightforward advice and comprehensive support. As your dedicated personal consultant, our expert will possess a strong understanding of your business and market, and be able to think ahead for you. Our partners think and act like entrepreneurs, speaking the same language as you. Drawing alongside you with a proactive and forward-looking approach, your consultant will often know ahead of you the financial and legal issues facing you and your business. With local roots in the Rhine-Ruhr Metropolitan Region, we are available to you throughout Germany and worldwide, whenever you need us.

Broad spectrum of industry knowledge through experience

Whether production, commerce, services, IT, property or trade – our experienced consultants are committed to taking a deeper look below the surface and invariably take a holistic view of all tax, legal and financial aspects to develop a set of measures tailored specifically to meet your needs and requirements. What is more, as a long-term partner, your KBHT consultant will know your business to the point of acting as your competent advisor, offering valuable guidance every step of the way and providing you with tailored advice on a host of aspects that extend beyond purely tax and legal advice.


Dr. Martin Heyes

Tax Consultant, Partner

Location Düsseldorf / Neuss
+49 (0) 2131 / 92 43 - 0

Thomas Schnettler

Tax Consultant, Partner

Location Düsseldorf / Neuss, Cologne / Leverkusen
+49 (0) 2131 / 9243 - 25

Volkher Schlegel

Tax Consultant, Partner

Location Düsseldorf / Neuss, Cologne / Leverkusen
+49 (0) 2131 9243 - 45

Andreas Kratz

Tax Consultant, Partner

Location Cologne / Leverkusen
+49 (0) 214 / 87091 - 65