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International companies

The partner for global players

As a company with a large international clientele, KBHT is strong in global business, helping clients grow and thrive internationally. We serve both German clients with worldwide operations and international companies with operations in Germany. Auditing, accounting, payroll, tax returns, tax consulting and legal advice – we are your one-stop full service shop.

International know-how

With our extensive expertise in international tax law and as a member of Allinial Global, one of the five largest associations of independent accounting and consulting firms in the world, we consult and audit our clients both ways across the border. At KBHT, the foreign activities of German clients with operations abroad (outbound business) and foreign companies with ties to Germany (inbound business) are handled by KBHT’s dedicated International Tax Law team. . Our team’s service portfolio is specifically tailored to meet the needs of international clients. Communication with clients may be in German or in English.

With our international expertise, backed by the know-how of some 19,000 experts in 65 countries of the Allinial association, we are here to provide you with competent and satisfactory answers to all your questions about tax and company law in a context that is relevant to you and your country.


Thorsten Schellenberg

Tax Consultant, Partner

Location Düsseldorf / Neuss, Cologne / Leverkusen
+49 (0) 2131 / 92 43 - 27

Michael Thelen

Auditor, Tax Consultant, Partner

Location Düsseldorf / Neuss, Cologne / Leverkusen
+49 (0) 2131 / 92 43 - 40

Ullrich Bork

Auditor, Tax Consultant, Partner

Location Düsseldorf / Neuss
+49 (0) 2131 / 9243 - 32