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Agriculture & Forestry

The tax specialists for healthy growth and large crops

Whether farming, cattle breeding or forestry, the agricultural sector is subject to unique tax regimes and special rules. Add to that the increasing privatisation of farms and land, growing competition as a result of globalisation, new fields of activity such as biogas production, wind energy or photovoltaic systems, and new EU guidelines from Brussels, and it is easy to see why agricultural businesses might be straining under the weight of ever new challenges.

With a dedicated team of agricultural accountants operating at our Bergheim location, KBHT offers tax, legal and financial advice specially geared to agricultural businesses. This specific professional title (=‘Consultant’ title) is protected and identifies our consultants as experts with special expertise in tax matters relating to agricultural and forestry businesses. We can advise you on tax optimisation strategies for your business, represent you in dealing with government offices and local authorities, and review all available funding options for you. And when the time comes to pass the baton to your successor, we will be on hand to guide you safely through the process.


Volkher Schlegel

Tax Consultant, Partner

Location Düsseldorf / Neuss, Cologne / Leverkusen
+49 (0) 2131 9243 - 45